Jetstar Asia moves to Suvarnabhumi airport on September 15th, 2006

One of the leading low-cost airlines, Jetstar Asia, is moving to the Suvarnahumi Airport on September 15th, 2006. Jetstar Asia will be the first foreign airline to use Suvarnabhumi Airport, flying from Singapore three times a day.

Why is Jetstar moving to the Suvarnabhumi airport ahead of other airlines?
Jetstar has elected to move to this brand new airport on 15th September 2006, to ensure a smooth transition ahead of other airlines. Suvarnabhumi Airport is the new international airport for Bangkok. All airlines must move to this new airport by 28th September 2006.

How will the relocation of the airport affect me?
Suvarnabhumi Airport is a state of the art, modern facility. The Airports of Thailand has assured Jetstar that there will be appropriate ground transportation (including buses and taxis) from 15 September 2006. In addition, the airport has numerous retail and food outlets.

With the relocation, are the taxes increased, i.e., do I have to pay more taxes?
No. At the current time the passenger service charge for Suvarnbhumi remains the same as Don Muang at THB 500.

Will the passenger service charge be integrated into ticket prices with the movement?
At the current time, the THB 500 passenger service charge is paid by the passenger to the Airport Authority on departure from Bangkok.

Where is the Suvarnabhumi Airport?
Suvarnabhumi Airport is located 29km east of the city. The old Don Muang airport was 25km north of the city.

How long will it take for me to get to the city from the new airport?
Travelling times between the city and Suvarnabhumi Airport is comparable to the current Don Muang airport.

Is there any public transport that links to the Airport?
Free Shuttle Buses between the Airport and the public Bus Terminals will be provided. Similarly public buses are available from Suvarnabhumi to major locations in the city. Taxis are also available outside the terminal building.

How much will it cost for me to take a limo service to city from the new airport?
Rates for Limos and Taxis are yet to be published. However, as the distance to the city is comparable to the current Don Muang airport, the costs should be similar.

If I arrive at Don Muang Airport, how much time do I need to get to Suvarnabhumi airport?
The Airport Authority will provide buses (for a small fee) between both airports. Passengers should allow 50 minutes to travel between both airports.

Is there any change in check-in time?
No. Jetstar's check in times and all flight times remain unchanged.

What are the airport facilities available?
Suvarnabhumi is a state of the art modern facility. There is a full range of retail, food and beverage and other facilities. Free Internet Access is also widely available throughout the airport.

If I have a connecting flight at Don Muang Airport, what shall I do?
The Airport Authority will provide buses (for a small fee) between both airports. Passengers should allow 50 minutes to travel between both airports. Jetstar is a point-to-point airline, and does not provide connection facilities to other airlines.

Is there a ticket sales counter at the airport?
Yes, Jetstar has a ticket booth adjacent to check in island "L". Jetstar's check in counters will be located at check in island "S"

Will aerobridges be used?
Yes, Jetstar will use aerobridges.