Bangkok Airport Shuttle Bus Service

Free shuttle bus service is provided for passengers and airport staff. Expess route connects the main terminal directly to the transport center. Ordinary route connects to other airport facilities. For passenger convenience shuttle buses serving Suvarnabhumi airport are low-floor type.

Shuttle Bus Express Route:

1. Passenger terminal
2. Car rental center
3. Public transportation center and bus terminal

 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Airport Taxi Bus Limousine Center

Shuttle Bus Ordinary Route:

1. Bus terminal
2. Car rental center
3. Long term parking
5. TG's GSE services
6. TG operation center
7. TG Technical Department
8. Suvarnabumi Airport Concourse A (Landside Curb)
9. Suvarnabumi Airport Concourse D (East Landside Curb)
10. Suvarnabumi Airport Concourse D (West Landside Curb)
11. Suvarnabumi Airport Concourse G (Landside Curb)
12. Free Zone Pedestrian Enterance (East)
13. D-CAP, TG Catering
14. Fire and Rescue Department

 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Shuttle

 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Transportation

 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Transportation

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